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HP Stress Management Programs Plano, Texas, USA

Series 1 (Sep 2010 – Feb 2011):

“I’m a Program Manager managing 10 projects in different states in the United States region. I feel completely exhausted, stressed and impatient at the end of the day. After joining this course, I feel completely rejuvenated, I’m able to control my anger, and am able to balance work life with my personal life. I encourage and recommend this session for all, even if they are not stressed! Once again thank you for getting this course into HP.”
– HP ES Program Manager

“I enjoy learning about the energies that flow thru the body, and the connection between them and overall well-being. Calin is teaching us ways to identify when we might be out-of-balance, along with various techniques we can use to help balance these energies. Even though I have not had the opportunity to practice as much as I would like to, it’s great knowledge to have for those times when I feel out-of-balance. And it’s a great way to end a busy workday.”
– HP ES Consulting Services

From someone who recently moved to a different HP site:

“Hi Calin, yes, I plan to stay with HP and I will definitely miss your classes! I think it is great that HP has such a program, that it is onsite, and that it is held during work hours. It shows that they are committed to our work/life balance. I feel like your classes have helped me know how to calm myself down during tense situations. I am very interested in more natural approaches vs. a pill for everything and so this very much fits into my lifestyle.

As we are all balancing so many things (stressful jobs, more work/less people on our team, children, elderly parents, etc.) this was a nice hour of “calm” that I looked forward to every week.”
– HP Corporate Administration and Shared Services

“The HP stress management program teaches a type of focus that is the perfect antidote to a world that is often very scattered. Everyone that must face the challenges of multiple time zones, multiple customers / bosses, and multiple to-do lists will benefit from the self-awareness and discipline learned from the HP stress management program. The investment of time will pay off in any professional endeavor.”
– Manager, HP Global Sales

Series 2 (Feb 2011 – Sep 2011):

First impressions:

“This was a very pleasant surprise… This was very rewarding on a 1st session and I will continue it. Thanks much!” – Network Specialist

“Enjoyed the session. At the end of the session my mind was free, light and relaxed.” – Project Manager

“Wow, this was great!… Felt wonderful and freeing.” – Technology Consultant

“Very interesting. For a couple of minutes I was actually not feeling my thoughts racing. I am looking forward to learning more.” – Quality Assurance Analyst

“Eager to progress with this” – Executive Assistant

“Enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to learning more. Thank you!” – Business Analyst

“It was relaxing. I was stressing at the beginning and at the end much better.” – Anonymous

“What a wonderful tool – looking forward to the next class.” – HR Manager

“Very useful seminar. Definitely looking forward to the next one!” – Problem Manager

“Genuinely better feeling.” – Tax Manager

After a few weeks:

“Truly a wonderful experience. I always feel so calm and peaceful after practicing the exercise – not at all sleepy which I thought might happen – just serene and refreshed. I appreciate the ‘quiet’ I’m able to achieve and also enjoy the increased composure that comes with the practice. Wanted to let you know how the sessions were helping me. Thanks so much for facilitating and providing this program.”

– HP Corporate Administration and Shared Services

“This program gives insights to understand why people react differently under stress. The techniques help me to know when to cope with my emotions and actions when in stress. After each session, I feel focused, more clear in thought process and totally refreshed. This is one of the best employee programs provided by HP, I would recommend it to anyone.”

– Enterprise Services Finance

After several months:

“These sessions have really helped me to understand people around me better, and helped me understand the limits of my work/responsibility and not to take over-responsibility which was earlier ruining my perspective towards things in life and was making me feel unhappy.

I can clearly see a difference in my dealings with my kids, my husband and colleagues in day-to-day life.

I am definitely at peace and more confident today. I have started to love my work and home better than before.

Many-many thanks to the instructors, they are helping us to reach that place and have a balanced perspective towards life.

They have helped me elevate good parts of my personality and things around me and all this has resonated back and is having a good impact on my health and relationships and ‘day–to-day dealings’ with anyone at all…I am more satisfied today than ever in my life.”

– Enterprise Services Applications Solutioning

“I think this program has been very beneficial to me. The techniques have helped me deal with my highly stressful and pressure-filled job at HP. The program has taught me to listen and understand the signals from my body. I think the biggest benefit I have gained so far is the ability to have a better and more restful sleep which in turn helps my overall attitude and job performance.

I hope the program can continue and that it can be “advertised” better within the HP community. Almost all of my colleagues complain of job related stress and I think would benefit from the program.”

– HP Global Procurement

Stress Management programs in Barcelona, Spain

Feedback from students

“I loved taking part in the relaxation sessions. It was really interesting and made me feel great. 3 times a week please! And we should do streching too! LOVED IT !”

“Meditations were my favourite. I wish we did them everyday!”

“The meditation classes were nice and relaxing and bonded us as a TEFL team – I missed two only because I was late those days!”